Tocqueville Participants

The following table is a list of all the participants in the Tocqueville Seminars, along with their class (or seminar) title, and a link to their syllabus. To sort by column, click the header. To view any participant's bio and class syllabus, click their name or the course title. The information will load on a new page.

Name Class Institution
Bacigal, Ronald Comparative Criminal JusticeUniversity of Richmond School of Law
Bond, Richard Introduction to American StudiesVirginia Wesleyan College
Browder, Laura Documenting the Iraq WarUniversity of Richmond
Chew, Richard Understanding the Other:Encounters Across the Early Atlantic WorldVirginia State University
Delers, Olivier Seeing America Through French EyesUniversity of Richmond
Espinoza, Antonio Empire of Democracy: US – Latin American Collaboration since 1900Virginia Commonwealth University
Geaney, Jane American Buddha/American JesusUniversity of Richmond
Hanson, Debra Gateways to Globalism: The 19th Century World's FairsVirginia Commonwealth University
Herrera, Patricia Global Hip HopUniversity of Richmond
Hiller, George US and Mexico: Globalization in the 21st CenturyUniversity of Richmond
Hoffman French, Jan Native America Today: Self-Determination and International Human RightsUniversity of Richmond
Holton, Woody Slave Revolts: Religion & Rebellion in the Atlantic WorldUniversity of Richmond
Jeffrey, Karima Senior Seminar IHampton University
Jones, Suzanne Americans in ParisUniversity of Richmond
Khawaja, Mabel The Planet and the People: Enduring Human Values and Cultural ConnectionsHampton University
Knadler, Stephen Imagining Afro-Asia: From Historical 'Kung-Fusion' to Post-Rodney King ProblemSpelman College
Konefal, Betsy Indigenous AmericasWilliam and Mary
Lane, Joseph Democracy in the Americas (1815-1848)Emory and Henry
Larson-Harris, Marwood Cowboys and Indians Around the WorldRoanoke College
Leeson, Whitney Things in Contact: From New France to Old HawaiiRoanoke College
Malvasi, Mark Revolution, Democracy, Modernity, 1760-1830University of Richmond
Margolies, Dan Space and Place in the Global United StatesVirginia Wesleyan College
Meyer, Manuella Contested Terrain: U.S.-Mexico BorderlandsUniversity of Richmond
Nelson, Robert Transatlantic AbolitionismUniversity of Richmond
Omry, Keren American Global Fictions and Post-9/11 AestheticsUniversity of Haifa
Ooten, Melissa Human Rights & Civil Rights: Studies in Southern Africa & the U.S. SouthUniversity of Richmond
Pelletier, Kevin Transnational American RenaissanceUniversity of Richmond
Rivera-Rideau, Petra Afro-Latina/o IdentitiesUniversity of Richmond
Rosatelli, Meghan Digital AmericaUniversity of Richmond
Sackley, Nicole America in India, India in AmericaUniversity of Richmond
Siebert, Monika Indigenous Film in North America University of Richmond
Strait, Patricia Immigration, Labor Markets and SocietiesUniversity of Richmond
Weiss, M The Other America: Literature of the Black AtlanticWilliam and Mary
Winiarski, Douglas Slave Revolts: Religion & Rebellion in the Atlantic WorldUniversity of Richmond
Yellin, Eric New York: Transnational MetropolisUniversity of Richmond

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