Bonnie and Clyde

FR Release: N/A

US Release: 1967-08-13

Length: 01:47:00

Director: Arthur Penn

Studio: Universal Pictures

Protagonist: Clyde Barrow

Actor: Warren Beatty

Protagonist present: 48.63%

Protagonist speaking: 7.74%



The time segment visualization splits a film's length into equal n-tiles and displays the percentage of events (in bar form) that occur in that particular n-tile. For example, if you choose to split an 80-minute film into four segments, each quartile will be twenty minutes long. If the 'Presence' attribute reads 59% in the first quartile, then the protagonist was present approximately twelves minutes of the first twenty. 42% in the second quartile would mean they were present under ten minutes of the film's second 20-minute chunk, and so on.

Note: The 'Shot Type' and 'Absence Type' categories are omitted from this view.