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Islam in Christian Social Media

// Posted by on 04/14/2012 (9:59 PM)

4/24/2012 UPDATE: So my project has made some major shifts since I made this Phase 1 post, but I believe they were all for the better.  I studied the differences between Godtube, Islamictube, and YouTube,… Read more


4/24/2012 UPDATE: So my project has made some major shifts since I made this Phase 1 post, but I believe they were all for the better.  I studied the differences between Godtube, Islamictube, and YouTube, in relations to Islam/Christianity relations and what this indicates for American culture.  You can read my blog HERE.


In a small section of the social media world, are Christian social media sites.  These are sites that are committed to Christianity and its users commit to posting information and media that is family-friendly, uplifting, and of course, Christian.  For my project, I have been looking mostly thus far at Godtube, because I just recently had Faithbook approve my application to become a member and have not had time sufficient time to look around there yet.  I have looked through Godtube and watched many videos about Islam, looking at the messages that lie in them.  There are hundreds of videos on Godtube that fit within the search guidelines of Islam.  Of the ones that I have watched, the messages have been strongly negative, focusing on how Muslims are told in the Quran to murder Christians or any other non-believers.  These are often coupled with images of Middle Eastern looking people holding signs about killing Americans, Christians.  While the messages that are present are threatening, there is usually some reference to September 11, 2001, which makes it clear that the Americans may fear Muslims now more than ever because of the terrorist attacks.

I have listed the links to a couple of the strongest videos below (unfortunately I am unable to embed Godtube links into WordPress):

Both of these videos, and many more like them, have strong messages about Islam being anti-Christianity and therefore, anti-American.  And the vast majority of the comments on these videos on Godtube are supportive of the messages in the videos.  What is difficult about this project is it can be boiled down to a he said, she said argument, and it is very difficult to tell which side is correct.

For my question to the group, I asked them to think about the big picture and see if there was anything that I was missing in my research, any other avenues they thought I should look down.  And then I asked them to poke around on Godtube and see what they found and to comment on anything interesting/unusual. (I did not ask them to go to Faithbook, because it would take too long for them to be approved by an administrator). Most of the responses that I received suggested that I look at the Muslim side of the issue, to look at Muslim social media sites and see if I can find anything similar.

This is a fairly large change in the project because instead of just looking at the one side of the issue, I am going to look at what the other side is saying too.  No longer is this project devoted to Christian rhetoric about Muslims, but not Muslim rhetoric about Christianity and a comparison of the two.  I hope that this will be a beneficial and fruitful change, but time will tell.

For the second half of the project, I plan to do just that.  As I continue to explore Godtube and start looking through Faithbook, I will look at Millat Facebook, which apparently is the Muslim Facebook and see if there are any posts, forums, or any other content about Christianity.  I will compare the messages that each sends with the way that they portray themselves and attempt to explain what this rhetoric says about American culture.

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