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One of the crazes that I’ve noticed over the past two weeks that’s been exploding across the internet is the usage of memes, specifically those that are targeting specific colleges. While Memes are far from something that is new, having been coined as a term in 1976, these college themed memes have become viral, filling up most college student’s news feeds on Facebook across America. Indeed, a recent USA Today article talks about this explosion of meme-age, (


In many ways this new phenomenon belies each college students’ desire to label their four years at university as unique, despite the fact that their medium of conveying this message often closely resembles other schools. However another type of meme seems to be trying to unify the college experience with shared experiences not unique to a single institution. Try to explore the world of memes.

A Furman University Meme stolen from a friend’s Facebook

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Phylicia said...

The USA Today article points out that the explosion of the meme was planned by a University of Waterloo dropout. The article says that his plan that the meme’s popularity on social media would funnel people into a meme website ( “that would sell advertising space on each campus-themed page to businesses that cater to the students there.” I think that this is a really neat and interesting look at advertising. Like most college students, my news feed is full of memes, but I never thought of it as an advertising property as the 21-year-old dropout, Saif Altimimi, says it is. I think that this, like many things we have been exploring, really highlights how little we realize about what we are seeing through social media and how it impacts the virtual world that surrounds us.

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