Google and the Battle of Apps

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Recently one of the advertisements that been popping up on television are the for Google, more specifically those for Google Chrome and Google +. The advertisement for Google + features the Muppets using one of the features of the new program which is “Hangout,” a function that essentially works like a video chat on Gmail or Skype, however the medium through which Google chose to convey this new function, the Muppets, suggests a fun and carefree way to enjoy the functions of the internet and reconnect with your personal life by “hanging out.” This is reminiscent of Phyllicia’s previous post on the difference between innovation vs invention. This is a reimagining of the internet chat function that has been around for years as one that is easily accessed from any web browser using the new social networking program Google +. The approach of this ad is through what is now the socially accepted concept of a computer as a personal device, instead of a device for business.

The Muppets Hangout with Google +

The second ad is the Google Chrome ad called “Dear Sophie” which depicts a father documenting his daughter’s journey through early childhood through his use of the internet. He uses a variety of what now may be called ‘apps’ attached to Google Chrome to immerse himself in all aspects of personal media: Picasso for images, YouTube for videos, Gmail for email and images, all integrated together. This new addition to the web browser platform seems to add another aspect to the mobile website vs mobile app argument for Google Chrome could be said to be using apps in their web browser now. However one could also argue that this reinvention of the web browsing experience.

Dear Sophie with Google Chrome

This article suggests that the future of the mobile web is with “Cross platform browser-based mobile web sites.” After seeing the new Google Chrome and using it, one might be inclined to agree.

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