Stratification of Children and Technology

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It is evident that digital media is becoming more and more important in today’s society. Being able to type, utilize Word documents and navigate the internet are becoming as essential as reading, writing, and basic arithmetic. I imagine that many of us take for granted that we grew up with computers in our homes. We were even encouraged to enhanced our reading and mathematic skills through the computer with games such as the Jump Start series.

A closer look at the community around us will show that not everyone is as fortunate. Take a look at this article about two University of Richmond graduates who have committed themselves to helping underprivileged students learn the essential computer skills.

It is important for everyone in society to have a solid understanding of computers. Technology is another area where our nation is becoming stratified. The 10 year old I baby sit has an iPad, while his peer across town has never turned a computer on before. What implications will this have for our future? Both children need to be able to contribute to society, but how can they if they don’t know how to use a computer?


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Phylicia said...

This post hits close to home for me because I have seen, first-hand, the disparity between children and technology in different areas. I volunteer in a high-need, Richmond public elementary school. A few weeks ago, I helped my class during their “special”: computers. The young students were eager to use the computers, however, they had very experience using them. Perhaps, this was the reason they were so eager. I watched as six and seven year olds struggled to use the mouse to click on what they wanted on their monitors. They struggled to figure out how to go back to the previous page when using Internet Explorer. They were barely able to use the keyboard to the extent that their teacher and I had to type the url for each individual student, even though it was written on the white board. On the other hand, I watch as my four year old cousin downloaded Apps from his iPad and navigated around it like an adult would. The disparity lies in the fact that not all Americans have access (e.g. the actual machine, computers, or internet) to technology. Therefore, it is not surprising that a disparity with regard to technology exists. However, just as Allison says in her post, something must be done. If the world is becoming increasingly more connected, we cannot leave our youth behind.

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Lucas said...

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