Patent the Internet?

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Natalie said...

I think this claim is ridiculous. Growing up I never knew who “invented” the internet. There were plenty of jokes about Al Gore, but it was still an unanswered question for me. What I do know now after reading about Stewart Brand, The Whole Earth Catalog and other elements of cybernetic history it is clear to me that this was a team effort influenced by several people. It is sad to see this biologist trying to claim his name to this revolution, most likely for fame and capital gains. The internet is bigger than this one person and it would be upsetting to see him win a case like this. I hope that more people step up to fight this and keep the internet un-patented. To me this is reminiscent of BMI owning the rights to practically all music and videos. By creating a monopoly on an industry there will inevitably be some type of limitations in the future.

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