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Upfront and initially in thought it does seem expensive to continuously make changes to the internet in order to make it faster and better. But, what is the alternative…remain stagnet? The internet is a tool everyone uses daily to conduct personal and business transactions. The U.S. would never sit idle and let other countries continue to progress while remaining OK with the status quo. It would actually be quite dangerous for any country to not continuously improve their communication avenues and streamline the way data is transferred from one person or establishment to another. The Pentagon for example, needs the latest and most sophisticated data and methods for receiving and exporting data. The U.S. military needs the best, fastest and most reliable services the internet can provide to remain ahead of terrorists and continue to protect the country the best they can. I am not worried about the cost for either of these two examples.

Yes, it’s a lot of money out there being spent, but there is also a lot of money being made too. The costs to upgrade and keep improving the status of internet operations is offset tremendously by the return on the investment. Businesses make money from the internet selling services and merchandise. Traditional institutions like a bank, for example, need less staff because fewer and fewer people are physically going in to a banking institution to conduct business. I can’t recall the last time I went inside my bank because I can conduct my financial business online or at an ATM (hope for no skimmers!) Thanks to technological advances we can now talk with family and friends all over the world via our computers or smart phones – I know my grandfather never imagined that! He was of the age of black and white TV and getting his news from the radio. Progress is inevitable. Americans are never satisfied with the status quo and never will be. We have made tremendous advances medically…why stop now? I want technology to continue to be faster and better. I want money to be spent so one day I can see a cure for the terrible disease Parkinson’s that took my Father from me. I want safer cars for us to drive. The list goes on and on. We’ve all heard the saying, “it takes money to make money.” I believe Wall Street traders would echo that statement!

You can’t slow down or stop progress, at least not in a nation like the U.S. If you visit a third world nation you’re going to see that not everyone on this earth has it as good as we do in the U.S. Why are the third world nations suffering? The answer is simple, money. There isn’t money for development for many things, including internet communications and data exchanges. While we may not “like” the idea of spending money on creating a digital America that thrives, I think most of us would suffer if we did not. The small picture includes our modern day conveniences – cars, shopping, purchasing goods, etc. But we must consider the big picture when evaluating our stance on spending money on technology – safety, U.S. intelligence capabilities, preventing terrorism, flight safety, travel safety in general whether it be trains or planes or automobiles.

Concerns about incremental amounts of spending might seem like an issue that we should be concerned about, and I’m not purporting that we should spend money like there is no end to the pot, but as a nation, we must spend money to continue to advance and develop the digital America that is part of our fabric and every day lives.

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SarahP said...

You’re so right- it does seem expensive, however, the internet has to grow and change as society does. Can you imagine if we still had to use dial up modems to access the web? Having to listen to that screeching and whirring to get online, only to be bounced off when someone picks up the telephone… Things have come a long way in the last decade- it makes one wonder what the digital realm will be like in another ten years

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