The Internet: Is It Moving Too Fast for Those Non on Wall Street?

// Posted by on 06/06/2015 (4:45 PM)


I believe that the average person, let alone the average stock trader, is not likely worried about a fraction of a cent. The ordinary consumer is interested in the overall performance of their stocks, but rapid, massive changes of stock prices (either high or low) are quite rare. Usually, the price moves slightly up or down, and stock value remains somewhat steady during the trading day.


I further believe that computers reduce some of the fear factor in trading via the NYSE. Potential investors have the chance to research the longer-term performance of a stock before making the decision whether or not to buy. People with some stock already can also use this option before buying more or even selling.


There will always be a place for the average individual in the modern digital expansion. While the Internet advances forward around them, there will be a market for programs and websites that help less tech-savvy people transition from one era of the Internet to another. The capitalist mentality of Internet expansion and development would dictate that alienating ordinary customers who do not use the Internet for things such as stock trading is not a good business practice, as a shift away from particular websites and services will see these people leave for other sites, or even taking their business offline.


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