Group C Prompt

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1) In this weeks readings we read about the world becoming increasingly more computerized. It seems really expensive to continuously change the Internet just to make it a few milliseconds faster. Are we really worried about .001 of a cent like the High Frequency Traders?
I am not concerned with the .001 of a cent. I guess the traders are because as times goes by, you’re still making money off of the trade. It’s just a bit slower than the conventional way of buying and trading stocks.
2) One positive to making it faster is that the faster we make the Internet the more we are able to do on it. An example of this was seen in this week’s reading with the advancement in computers allowing the stock market to go digital. For those who are not savvy with trading or even knowledgeable regarding trading with the NYSE; does the computer remove the intimidation of trading with the NYSE?
I am not savvy with trading and honestly, know very little about the stock market. Although I know I will never have an interest in the stock market, if I ever did change my mind, the change to digital would definitely be enticing to me and remove some of the intimidation. I think the intimidation is exactly why I have no interest in the stock market. I also see it as a form of gambling. That could be because I know little about it or because it’s similar to gambling.
3) What about the ramifications of this digital expansion on the average individual? Will the average person still have a place? Will they be left behind by technological advancements?
I think depending on who the “average person” is, they may have to become more technologically savvy to operate the “new” expansion. When I think of the average person in the stock market, I think of the rich people in the fancy suits. For them, I think it would be very easy to move from one expansion to another. Now if you have older folks that are trading, they may get left behind in the transition to digital. Many older people are frightened by every part of the Internet so I highly doubt they would continue trading if it was completely digital.

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