Group C Prompts

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I think there are those who are depending on the rest of us not to worry but those pennies add up quickly especially with millions of transactions being performed. 

Based on the fact that the computer is more accurate than humans when it comes to gathering data and performing repeat actions and, therefore, can make decisions a gazillion times faster than I can, I would say yes but I doubt I am in the majority.  If I lose money, I can blame something else beside myself.

The readings spoke about how high frequency trading will digitize and democratize society allowing everyone access to more information and much faster.  From the human aspect, the more we are exposed to the smarter we become at handling transactions.  The faster decisions are made, the faster the mistakes and the recovery.  Taking total control from the hands of a few and spreading it to most of the population even across countries opens the doors for the average person to participate in decisions and add to the babble.  

I think that the average person will have a place.  There will always be non-conformity because not every trusts computers, government regulations nor do they have the desire.  Heck, I heard the other day that there are people in the world who still do not put their money in banks.  I do believe that ignorance is not bliss when it comes to any knowledge.  However, as long as these non-confirmers  have access to a millennium or a grandchild, they will survive.

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