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First I would like to say, my blog reads from a different point to another discussion.

My thoughts regarding Snowden, and Greek mythology; I feel he used mythology as an educational source, and form of entertainment. He formatted the information, and used it to remove himself from his own reality. Myths are about Gods, not mortals. Was life so off course that he had to use mythology as a relatable subject?  Did he somehow view himself as a mystical anomaly? Also, he has the text book personality of an introvert. They enjoy thinking, exploring, thoughts and feelings, in addition, to reading, being alone, and working alone. I’m not trying to convey that by associating himself with fables and being an introvert alone caused him to expose the government. I’m stating because of those personality traits, they could be used as some of the reasons why he felt the need to expose governmental secrets, leave friends, and family behind, and hold up in a hotel like a recluse.


Speaking of exposure, our United States government has always infringed on the civil liberties of people in the U.S. in regard to domestic spying. The method used was just more dated.  Remember, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, and his unauthorized phone wire taps, unlawful entries, and bugging rooms. During that period there was little oversight, and investigative reporting, and if there was, the public was either unconcerned, or the actions of the government were not questioned. However, due to someone leaking information to the press, his unlawful spying was exposed. So, as far as Snowden, exposing the NSA and their illegal tactics was of no surprise, for me.


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Third point during a Constitutional law class, that I took many years ago, we discussed freedom of speech. My professor at the time pointed out, that most of the phones in the U.S, are bugged by our government. He didn’t show us proof, nor reveal his source. He matter- of- fact, stated the U.S government listens in, on our phone calls. He told us if we didn’t believe him, while speaking on the phone say “I’m going to kill the President of the United States”. He said your life as you know it will slowly change. During class discussion, most of the students, including myself believed him. Later that evening while talking on the phone I wanted so to say those words, but I was afraid.


In addition, the Federal government is not the only entity listening, and tracking our every move, we now have social media. They like the government collects data, targets people, records, and uses our information for matters we have no control over, and like the government they have the capabilities to do it without our knowledge.  So, I ask are the world’s biggest internet companies secretly in cohorts with the NSA? More importantly, can they be stopped?

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Because of 911, added securities had to be added. I may not agree with the way Snowden handled the situation, however I do agree, with his belief that with added measures of security our civil liberties should not be taken away. For instance airport security, our 4th amendment right is being compromised by illegal search and seizures. Not doing anything at all innocent people are subjected to machine and body searchers in order to board a plane. Therefore, stating our freedoms are not absolute and that the government can enact restrictions on our rights based on actions of terrorism. However, I must ask when the risk it to protect the United States what are we willing to give up to protect given liberties?

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My mother would always say to me “if you have nothing to hide than it shouldn’t concern you if I look in your room. Well, it wasn’t that I was hiding something; I just didn’t want her looking through my things without asking. My mother used an early form of mass surveillance to prove “my house my rules” I get the feeling, that the way our government uses mass surveillance they are implying to us “my house my rules” Which isn’t right.


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