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The part of chapter 5 that I found most interesting was the description of the women’s role on the WELL. I found it very interesting that there was even a group called Women of the Well (WOW). The WELL was a place for women to go and engage in discussions and establish their own conversations about new topics. This was a big deal for women during this time.

One reason that this was a big deal for women during this time is because according to the book women during this time were mostly confined to cooking, cleaning, and raising children. There was still a gender divide between men and women’s duties and responsibilities. The WELL gave women the opportunity to expand their knowledge and think about stuff other than household duties. There were not only women who were engaging in discussions but also women who were in leadership roles on the WELL which was a major accomplishment for that time. One female writer on the WELL described her experience as feeling like the WOW was like her extended family that she could talk and ask questions too.

The WELL/WOW was not only a place for these women to write for pleasure, some women were also finding employment through their writings on the WELL. There were many instances in the chapter that described how the WELL gave economic growth to people through writing and research. Freelance writers could use the WELL to find research to make their articles more interesting. Other writers were being discovered due to their writings on the WELL.

Although most of the women felt the WELL was a positive thing there was one women who did not. Susan Herring wrote a paper that was published on the WELL about how women were at a disadvantage online. The debate went on for about 2 years. Most women did not agree with her arguments and they continued to participate on the WELL.

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Rosatelli said...

Hi Kaitlyn,

Great points about WOW, and Susan Herring’s paper still resonates today as there are numerous debates about women not being welcome on the Internet. Sadly, I had to cut that week from our summer class, but Amanda Hess writes a very telling, and quite scary article about her experiences online, and she really makes us question whether or not women are welcome online at all–at least welcome to talk about whatever they wish. Online, as Hess points out, women have to “stay in their place” for fear of being trolled. It has driven many female reporters and bloggers offline. I encourage you to check it out:

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Kaitlyn said...

That article is crazy! I would have never thought that there was still an ongoing debate about whether or not women are welcome on the Internet. The article makes it clear though that there are some people in this world who are still against women being equal to mean and that they are not afraid to voice their opinion on it. I am sad we aren’t going to be able to go over that this semester but I am glad you were able to share that article with me!

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