Week One- My perceptions of the internet

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Call me old school but I have always been very leery of the internet. I apologize upfront for so many questions but I just had to get it all out!  I very recently started to shop online and that was after someone in another class said “it doesn’t matter how careful you are, your information is not totally protected”.  You may be online displaying your personal information to “grabbers” without even knowing it.  Who are these grabbers and what are they doing with all the information they capture?  Where is it store?  Are people in third world countries checking the sites that I visit?  Why is China afraid of Google? 

Other than for my works “intranet” (we have our own very secure servers that were victims of a cyber-attack a few months ago), I would rarely log onto the internet for personal reasons.  Like Kaitlyn, I use Google and occasionally MapQuest.   I do not use Facebook or other social media regularly.  I only created a Facebook account under pressure from friends but then they wanted to know why I didn’t post pictures and ‘like’ them.  So I just ignore it.  I used to get a lot of emails from my Facebook account alerting me when someone I knew added a post or new photos.  I guess it got tired of me ignoring the emails and it stopped but how did they know I hadn’t been signing in?  When I text, access Google or respond to email (ok, mostly delete email) who is responsible for capturing my movement and who gave them permission?

I think that the person(s) who has the most data has the most control!  We are being dragged around like a drunken sailor by marketing ploys, pop-ups and suggestive emails but should we care? Do the benefits out way the negatives? 

In class, the question was asked “is the internet a physical place?”  It is a physical place and I don’t think the place is Silicon Valley.  It is a real place where so much data is being captured, stored, analyzed and predicting our next move.  It is a place where we communicate and where we can choose cannot be connected.  It is creating historical data flows and timelines.  

Rules of engagement- Please do not put multiple due dates for information as that can become a overwhelming and I am a slow reader.  100 to 300 words is a good word count.  I like Discussion Board but Blog is also a good way to communicate.


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Rosatelli said...

Hi Shirley,

You ask wonderful questions, and it’s not simply because you are leery of the internet! They are questions that most media scholars delve into in one way or another. Your movements are tracked online, but it’s probably much less sinister than you think. Cookies track our movement to sell us things and learn our behaviors so they can hone targeted marketing. The government also tracks our movements online, although there is much debate on how detailed the tracking is or is not. Our information, when stolen by hackers, can be sold, and that is very much like a “store”–hacked data, such as credit cards and SSNs, in bulk, can bring in a lot of money. China is not really afraid of Google–Google is a small player in the Chinese market. They have their own super search engine: Baidu. It’s said to out-perform Google, believe it or not. Google must comply with Chinese laws, so it’s just not as popular there, and it cause some friction here as their core motto is: “don’t be evil!”

You ask “should we care” and “do the benefits out weigh the negatives”? These are core questions that we will explore in this class–I’m excited that you bring them up. Keep them in the forefront of your thinking as we read and discuss!

// 05/15/2015 at 8:52 pm

Ginger said...


I really liked the perspective that you bring to the class. We did not grow up with computers, cell phones, heck, we didn’t have color TV! I especially like your analogy of being dragged around like a drunken sailor. We will have to talk about how you know about drunken sailors offline! Businesses are opting out of live people for online transactions.

How many bills have you received lately that prompt you to go to online bill pay. They put a picture of a tree beside the request to guilt you into doing it. Save a tree, pay your bill online. Blah, blah, blah. Yes, I know it is saving trees, but it also save them money on postage!

You don’t have to have a Facebook account. It really isn’t all that great. I do have an account, but I don’t post on it very often. I do like to look at the pictures and read updates from my friends that live far away. My sister sends me funny jokes occasionally.

Having said that we should know how to do things online. You just never know when you might need to know how to do something. You know, like driving a stick shift car. You should know how to do that too!!

See you tomorrow. I will be the one with the Lifesavers! :)

// 05/17/2015 at 4:41 pm