Final Project: Urban Digitization

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This is the blog and final project of a group whose assignment project was to create their own digital “smart city”, thanks to Dr. Rosatelli for the referance to this. This particular project out of all the groups’ seemed to be most focused on the actual digitization aspect of the city, and what it attempts to accomplish.

-Really interesting article in National Geographic. It’s really surprising to see Dublin, Ireland as a pioneer in the world of urban digitization

- Great website I found all about the future of cities. It has a lot of interesting information on smart city development


- This illustration really helps to visualize and understand the who interactive system of smart cities

- Controversial article in the Huffington Post on urban digitization

- Extremely compelling debate on the validity, effectiveness, and morality of the new smart city movement. This article provide a great amount of valuable perspectives on the subject

- Article in forbes about the financial aspect and issues of smart cities

- Great peice that provides samples of American cities making the move to urban digitization, and the problems and success that they are running into throughout the process




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