The New Whole Earth Catalog

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Just an interesting video I found that reminded me of Stewart Brand’s Whole Earth Catalog, the first blog, so to speak. It turns out that collaboration for the greater good as opposed to getting a profit does still exist. Here’s to doing-it-yourself!

Also here is the link to R&D-I-Y


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Natalie said...

I think that Britta Riley’s mission does echo the original hope of the Whole Earth Catalog and the following online forums- such as The WELL. They share an eagerness to collaborate and cooperate in order to trade knowledge and make the world a better place. Today the online community still has this ideal sense community and is a rare utopia that cannot be replicated in real life. Just as Riley mentions at the end of this film – she must patent the window farm so that people cannot capitalize on it. In the online world, just as Brand had originally intended, people are sharing information and lending to each other’s endeavors because they want to – not because they will profit. Riley wanted to perpetuate the Window Farm and released all of the information about it online because she wanted help to make it better through a community effort. When this idea left the internet and became a real life project it left the utopia comity that is online and was gobbled up by the real world. Why can’t we transition our online community standards to the real world?

// 01/28/2012 at 2:51 pm