The Politics of Social Media

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Attached is the link to my final project blog:

I will be using this blog to share updates and progress to my final project for “Digital America.”  Basically, what I hope to achieve in my project is a better understanding of how social media has affected American politics.  With the creation of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, any individual can broadcast their political opinions to a large audience (whether fact-based or not), and credible news sources often post their political reports in the form of enticing headlines so people will actually pay attention on their personal news feed.  Despite making users generally more connected to political issues, some scholars question whether the influence of social media is beneficial to our individual and collective understanding of American politics.  It can be argued that diminishing our description of a political issue to 140 characters, a single photo caption, or a quickly interpreted post may counter-productively simplify our approach to political decision-making.  I hope to interrogate this issue by analyzing both the plausible benefits and drawbacks of social media’s influence on politics.  Ultimately, my study brings awareness to the changes social media has brought to American politics and promotes caution regarding social media’s increasing effects on our perception of political issues.

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