Emily & Molly Response to Samantha Lopez: Knowledge is Power

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Piper said...

I think the fact that you pointed out that governments in other countries have also been utilizing spying tactics is interesting, because it brings up a question if cyberwarfare and spying are just the new defense tactics? That instead of war, we turn to hacking and spying to attack our enemies? And, maybe some can even claim that in this Internet age, it would be ignorant to think that the NSA hasn’t been spying on us all along. Is this just the new norm? Our discussion of the “third space” and the netizen can also tie into this debate. These concepts subvert traditional government power, as power is being asserted in new spaces and are changing the power the nation states have. At the very least, I think Snowden’s leakage made way for the controversial conversation about how/if this “third space” should be governed.

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