Information is power.

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Information is power, information is knowledge.
According to the actions committed by Edward Snowden by filtering confidential USA documents and Julian Assange’s filtered governmental documents on the Wikileaks website, I must say that I am on their side because I also think that internet and personal privacy is vital for global society. States do not have the right to interfere in our business just by alleging that they are taking care of their national security. The only matter here is that the United States does not want any other governmental actor to be aware of its -not very political- international actions, which include acts of spy and suborns. What about the fact that USA made sure that Wikileaks could not sustain itself and operate by just making banks do some sort of boycott? What happens with our rights to express ourselves? Did they disappear already just because states do not want us to be aware of its actions? Internet was made for us. It’s our right to have it. No rules should apply and therefore I do not agree with creating some sort of boundaries, since these ones are established to determine the sovereignty of States, and Internet has no queen or king that rules it. If I were Snowden or Assange I would have done the same actions, but I am pretty sure I would have given every single name of the list. We have the right to know what do our states and politicians do. Why would we permit them to know about out personal stuff? Why can’t we do, read or write our personal opinions? The United States have to understand that we are free to do whatever we want to, obviously only those things that are correct and do not harm any individual. I am pretty much aware that national security is very important for every single State that is part of the international system, but so are our rights. All those persons that were implied in the documents have to know that whatever happens to them or any negative commentary that they receive from the society is because they deserve it. I think that this world des desperately needs people like Julian and Edward because they know what matters and what is good for the society. They want us to be aware of what is going on. They know that information is power and that with it the world will be full of knowledge, and therefore there would be no questions or bad actions towards us.

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Kevin said...

Information most certainly is power; however, what happens when that power is placed in the wrong hands? Individuals like Julian Assange do not only leak information about governments taking individual citizens information, but rather, they try to leak whatever it is that they can get their hands on. I would like to agree that what they are doing is right, but I fear that they are not necessarily equipped to handle the power that comes along with some of the information that they attempt to leak. The United States government should be held more accountable for the information that they take from individuals, but there has to be a more legitimate source available to do so than Julian Assange and the Wikileaks team.

Furthermore, I understand that we are free to do what we want to, but as long as what we want to do does not extend to terrorism, then the United States government does not really care about our information. As an American citizen, I am prepared to forfeit rights to some degree in order to make sure that the country is safe, and I will admit that my rationale is mostly because I have no information that the government would take an interest in. However, given your perspective of being from another country, I completely understand that you would not want the United States government viewing your information, and the US Government certainly needs to be held more accountable in some way for their efforts to obtain personal information from individuals outside the United States.

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