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Classifying the internet as a HUGE amount of information that MUST be completely accessible to all the users around the world, belongs to a very liberal way of thinking, and crashes with realist approaches of international relations, or theories, depending on the analitical context this issue is treated with. Uploading information to a well-known digital space where possibly every person with access to the internet can reach, is an act that should require entire understanding and resposability towards from the people that use this information media. In other words, the internet, and the option people have to make use of it, is merely a service, not an obligation, and since it’s not a requirement for ¬†almost anything, complaining abut the lack of security or privacy is just pointless. Human interaction tends to be hypocrite, thanks to its nature, and that implying the physical condition, conversations, points of view, arguments, even private agreements, why, then, is it a susprise to the human race, to be abused by the use of the technology, in a process of unknown data exchange, where no longer physical barriers are set by other humans?

thinking that the human race would have at least a hint of privacy to deal with information of other people in digital spaces which do not have the slightest restriction on most cases, is part of an issue of principles including even philosophical matters : not trying to say that the internet is a weapon of destruction, the information that makes people blame either the government or private transnational actors, belongs to a series of services that are part of an economic, political, and social system, and to think otherwise is to attempt against the principles of the Western model of politics , urging a trend of revolutionary nature , exaggerated to the problem of privacy.

Yes , it is true that political elites maintain their interests and more sensitive to other activities in an attempt to safeguard the national sovereignty of country, and even security, under the assumption that other nations , rival ideological blocs, to contextualize some events of past decades ( United States against the Soviet Union and viceversa) tried to take advantage of the weaknesses of the States , however , this does not give the right to the citizens of a country have to know each methodologies or mechanisms of action of governments, Understanding that these are collectively part of the decisions that political structures (formed by individuals) taken from certain criteria in order to defend their nation, and citizens do not share this logic to reveal the privacy of their private data.

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