The Issue of Internet Security

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By: Aranzazu Ballesteros, Anais Sánchez, Roberto Alviso, Estefanía Garza, Fernanda Rodríguez, Raúl Ochoa, Carlos Escalante, Samantha López. From Tecnológico de Monterrey. 

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Deirdre said...

First off, I understand that our privacy is being infringed on by the government and that it is unfortunate that we have to take precautions in our daily lives because we know this.
I liked the image you included with the poster that reads “whistleblowers are heroes.” I think some people definitely view it this way. Wikileaks does mostly release information that doesn’t endanger the lives of people, which is clearly a positive thing, so I agree with you.
You made the point that all countries, not just the United States, face this issue. This is true, but where the internet is concerned, I think a general statement can be made about all countries and all civilians: the government has access to everything we search and do on technological devices and they can do whatever they please with that information.
Yes, like you said, it seems like citizens should be able to ask the government for any type of specific information that they want to know. However, should the government really be giving information to people when they don’t know what they will do with it or who their personal allegiance is actually to?
I’m not sure about this. I don’t think the government will ever be comfortable giving out information to citizens based on their specific requests. I think classified information is private to them for a reason, and that reason is often to maintain our country-wide security.

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