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The Occupy Wall Street was a great social movement. People have to change interest in political and economic aspects in their country.

The Occupy Wall Street was a demonstration that succeeded in uniting million Americans and other groups from different countries.

I think that social movements in recent years have gained power, because people have lost their fear to express what he really feels.

People have shown interest in political and economic issues of the country in order to help improve aspects that political leaders are driving the wrong way is often by corruption. The media and social networks are part of social movements.

Today social networks are the most used by people, providing people with information about what is happening in the world. It’s unfortunate that most of the occasions the media only show people little information.

Some political leaders and empersas people simply because important information is information that could cause problems.

I think USA does influence decisions to Mexico primarily by history between the two countries.

USA manages to influence political, economic security and migration.

United States of America has many people of Mexico, this country can promote the rights of these people.

Mexico U.S. influence in the economy by the dependence of the Mexican government to the United States.

And the issue of security is important, the serious crisis of violence that exists in Mexico.

The Obama administration has proposed, for example is the operation Fast and Furious.

I think it’s important for people to become involved in political and social issues in his country. It is important that people stay informed in order to obtain better results in their country.


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Patrick said...

I agree with your point that Occupy Wall Street was in fact a demonstration that did unite millions over a common theme. However in class we spoke of the lack of leadership found in online activist movements. Although Occupy Wall Street was successful in gaining the attention of millions of people did it truly accomplish its goal? While some say it did I believe that Occupy Wall Street was a passing trend and will be forgotten soon due to its failure to start any true action in bringing the 99% closer to the 1%. I am interested to hear your viewpoint on this movement and if it is different than mine due to your geographical location and differing viewpoints on American social media.

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