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I will discuss the image of Vicky. I really liked the message it conveys the image because it shows our reality. And I agree with you that the media influence people’s opinion and in making public policy decisions.
However, the media to not use them properly can cause serious problems for people as ignorance and social stagnation.
Social movements linked to the media and can attract people from all over the world. The media play an important role in the lives of people.
So we must spread the good use of the media where it shows the reality of the facts without hiding the truth, so that people can make good decisions in your life and can transform the world.
It’s amazing to be able to immediately learn of news and a say not only what is happening in our country, but around the world.
Now people can be grouped to a disagreement with his government and make demonstrations to other solutions.
People not longer keep quiet and help the media to get people interested in what happens around them and know their rights.
For example in Mexico social movements drive people to seek solutions to social problems.
Mexico has evolved in the manifestations of social groups in recent years. The social movement was the last I’m 132, by disagreement in the presidential elections of 2012. Here you can see how comicacion media and social movements are linked.
Indigenous movements have also gained power and autonomy. The NGO have supported and defended the rights of Indians.
Social movements are importantesy media are also important and are present in people’s daily life.

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