Mexico-US relationship through information technologies

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Today is the growth of internet services within Mexico has led to a greater openness to various forms of acculturation, due to the ease with which information can be obtained as a result of the little control (if it exists) in our country on internet access. This greater openness to this information network has allowed a greater connection various external cultures, the main United States, due to the significant amount of information from this country, effect that could be noted in different areas or sectors of the population, as you can find everything from academic information, such as the pages of universities to endless entertainment pages, such as music, TV shows, movies, or YouTube, among others.
Besides this include social networks, which have gained great importance in recent years. This are visited mainly by young people, and have increased their influence and power of mobilization and participation, such as movements for political purposes, such as “Yo soy 132”, at the local level, and the known influence they have had over the world, and its influence on the Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street, the movement of the unemployed in Spain, or the student movements on Chile.
However it is important to note that this process has brought culturally while the Mexican population with the United States, this does not happen the same way in all social strata, and that the higher the income, the greater is this acculturation because they have better access to and from an early age to various technologies, and also have access to private services, such as product purchases, and subscriptions to websites. This does not mean that this process had begun on recent years, since the sectors best positioned economically have always had a greater inclination towards Anglo-American culture, this can be seen from dress, music, products consumed, until life expectancy. This whole process is accelerated from Mexico’s entry into NAFTA in 1994, which opened the set for the entry of products and businesses from the United States, and then the boom of information technologies, including the Internet, as well as processes of globalization, which close our cultures in ways never seen before.

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