The third space and US influence

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Andrea Bermúdez

In many ways Mexican culture has evolved. Since our colonization by Spanish troops, we have become a mixture of different civilizations that go from Aztecs and Mayans, to even Europeans. During the last decade technological revolution has changed every paradigm we had, and has turned our little local issues, into matters of global interest, and it shows.Certainly the process of globalization is speeded by the increasing use of internet, not only in fully developed countries but also in developing countries such as Mexico, Egypt, Libya, Syria, etc. Everybody is interconnected, and whatever happens in one corner of the world is almost immediately acknowledged in the rest of it.We have several examples such as Occupy Wall Street, The Arab Spring, and in the Mexican case YoSoy132. So after analyzing the effects of the internet, we can say that it didn’t create something new among society, it only empowered people to actually make some sort of pressure to economic and political powers.Unfortunately in countries like Mexico not everybody has got access to reliable information sources, and by this I don’t mean everything on the internet is true, but at least it gives people the chance to compare and decide what to believe.Talking a little bit more on the case of YoSoy132, we can say that this specific event changed completely the way the government looked at their people, cause they were so used to never been interrogated. Everybody knew that the next president was going to be chosen not by the civilians but by external forces. Then the presidential candidate went to a university and caused a fuss amongst students who knew the truth of his backgrounds. Despite the effort of certain people to inform others, this led to nothing. However it taught us something as a society; the government will not improve if people don’t participate in a more active way.This is a clear example of the influence of the internet and interaction between people from various places all over the world, since the main ideas that led the movement were taken from the Arab spring, and in the same way this was inspired by some other.And now talking about the influence of the US in Mexico, this couldn’t be clearer. The ideal of life that comes from the northern border of the country has become the goal of many people. In my very personal opinion this isn’t really positive since our conditions are quite different, and since people can’t always reach this ideal of life, they fail causing some sort of social discontent, which increases the social gap in the strata.But the influence in almost every aspect of our day by day living is undeniable; economical, and political decision are made according to the US policies, trying not to damage the relations between the two countries. Maybe that’s why we´re the so called US backyard.

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