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Frida Villa S.

The scientific and technological methods are now much more effective and increase the chance of generating more knowledge and communication in a world that seems to go in front of us, forcing us to chase, technological speed in which we are immersed not always give us time to reflect and meanwhile, telecommunications make it through all boundaries as with the movement “Ocupy Wall Street”.
As a result, this rate in Mexico that are impacting culture and other actions that are part of our private daily life, should be analyzed if we do not want to fail in the main objective of the communication and the skills and competencies that are generated and are necessary to function in a technological society.
The increasing diversification of the media industries, globalization of business activities and the development of new communication technologies, such as the Internet, have led to the formation of huge interest based on the dissemination of information that extend across Mexico and many parts of directing messages to countless homes irreversibly changing the ways in which they arise, transmit and receive events, news or information to our society.
It is also important not to forget the role that politics plays in this age of mass communication because it is inseparable from the art of managing the imformation that influences so crucial in ideologies in Mexico.
Ideology operates in a variety of contexts of everyday life, from common conversations between friends until cast in major speeches best television schedules.
Personally I think it is important to diversify and influence of the media in the ideologies and must be easily seen as beyond any physical and ideological borders and influence aspects of daily life that become normal for that degree that we do not even notice them, a clear and immediate example is the language, and that English can be somewhat normal at least in the vicinity of many students, another example of the scope of communication through borders is the how we are communicating at this time.

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Celia said...

As we have seen in your and your peers’ posts, mass communication has “opened” and “dissolved” borders in many ways. Your point about needing to find a medium between the role of politics and and the influence of media with regard to digital culture is especially important. The lines are still blurred about what government roles should be and how the media should influence activity in the networked space. Does the networked space work both ways though – and have an influence on politics and/or the media? What do you think would be a meaningful way to distinguish between the roles of political bodies and media in the digital sphere?

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