Politics 2.0

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Jeremi De La Cruz
From time to time the way we communicate has changed, it is now possible to communicate with someone who is across the world in seconds without having to wait until you get a letter, as well as the way we communicate has also changed the way we receive news, the way we connect and now everything is on the new website is called 2.0.
The interesting thing about Web 2.0 is that we ignore the need to inform us in media or newspapers, know the facts in the seconds pass and 2.0 is that the network is being fed by the same people, anyone can publish information without have to be supported by someone from the comfort of the facts you can tell the world what is happening.
In Mexico there is the case of the student movement # YoSoy132 that unknown people are mobilized via social networks in minutes ITAM students raised their voices of dissent in seconds and university students across the country rallied to his cause.
A clear example in our neighbor to the north is the Occupy Wall Street where for social networks also agreed to occupy Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan in New York City, here was a discontent over economic problems and equally in social networks agreed to come to this movement.
While this new way of doing things in the world where anyone can publish information and go around the world, that’s why the way we digest the content is changing and it took us days, hours or weeks to learn information.
Hopefully this type of disclosure is used to achieve major social and not alone to learn of the news faster, to get people to mobilize in favor of a move and not to make bad committed

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