Influence of USA in México

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Here’s the link to watch the video where we share our personal experience towards the influence that USA has in México.

Daviana Torres Caballero
Stephani Rivera Santoscoy

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Andrew said...

First of all, thank you so much for your video.

I did not know very much about the media monopoly that y’all have in Mexico, and the fact that you have become “your own media” is interesting. Who do you trust for factual information regarding Mexican politics, culture, etc? Blogs are great for spreading the word among citizens, but facts can be misinterpreted and skewed. Do y’all access American news sources for information?

// 04/07/2013 at 2:11 pm

Tec de Monterrey said...

Andrew first of all thank you so much for seeing our video and to answer your question is very easy, as we said in the video we are our own media and that means we look for our own information over the internet and try to be more focus about what we want to know and where we are looking our information, regarding of who we trust in spreading information there is not a clear answer because it depends of what we want to know for example if we want to know about our president in that case Enrique Peña Nieto it depends on the people because the people here are divided in diferent opinions about our president but I think the most trustful information is the social network cuz as we said in our video , social network is a window for us to express and communicate ourself by saying what is really happening , there is a lot of videos in youtube about our situation .
In the case of American News of course we have access in every way and that even means in the social networks (twitter,youtube,facebook) and even on tv and newspaper.
i hope this answer help your question

daviana torres 794923

// 04/09/2013 at 4:56 pm

Stpehani Rivera said...

Well, back here in Monterrey, México we are used to have our cell phones with newspapers’ apps for us to keep inform. We get to read the New York Times as a reference to know about United States, since it seems to be the most influential media of the USA agenda. Also, as we said in the video, Facebook and Twitter are strong diffusers of information, but it depends on each person to really investigate about what they see.
Along my education, I’ve been taught to always look the original resource and make an evident conclusion: if it is a fact, an opinion or just a gossip.

But besides it, we are more likely to read the mexican newspapers like Reforma, El Universal, El Proceso and many other local ones. An interesting characteristic of the news written by these print companies, is that their political ideology is not confirmed by their own editorial. We know that Reforma has a more “right wing perspective” and El Proceso tends to have a “left wing politic”, but is not definite in neither of them. So reading the news most be compliment with the context and one’s personal opinion.

Let me explain, newspapers do not declare on which side they are, but you may have a guess by the way certain news have coverage, the main news or just a last page ad.

About us, becoming our own media, through the networks there have been many pages where social community (us, society) post about personal experiences they’ve have respect to gubernamental abuse, violent situations that were not informed, drug dealing confrontations, etc. I’m not saying they’re 100% reliable all comments post, but is a fact that social participation has increased and has make Consciousness about the hard times we’ve been living and continue living. Saying this in the national and international way.

That’s why, we have to make an objective comprehension of our daily reality to make our own criteria. The internet helps us know how the world is acting, thinking and living, which may be used as references to make a personal analysis.

Social media and networking are “tools”, so you need to know how to use them. For all these, I think education, culture and life experience are the foundation to comprehend and understand what the world transmits to us. As I may say, there’s no absolute true about what we see or know, but we may have an approximate comprehension.

Personal opinion: I only access North American news (USA) like CNN when there’s a national political issue and Fox to watch TV series and know about celebrities. In México, the most influential media from USA to México is the entertainment, which have influenced in our way of living, customs and values; The Western living.
Besides that, newspapers here in México take as reference The NY Times or Fox News.

// 04/09/2013 at 7:08 pm

Andrew said...

Thanks for replying! What you said makes sense. We have news sources up here that we associate with particular political parties and groups (FOX News and the Republican party/conservatives). I just wasn’t sure if the monopoly skewed ALL of the news in Mexico or something.

// 04/10/2013 at 11:35 pm

Celia said...

Given the way you receive information in Mexico, especially from US sources and some skewed sources, do you think people in Mexico identify more with one US political party? For example, while I studied abroad in Australia, I noticed that most people favored Democratic party politics, including a love for Obama. What do you think the US influence on Mexican politics is? Do the sources you read have a significant impact on Mexican citizens political views?

// 04/11/2013 at 12:42 am

Stpehani Rivera said...

Well, here at México as a general way to explain the political aspect, is that the right wing party is supported by the monopoly companies (like TV broadcasts) that make a bigger coverage about their candidates, while the left party has to work out its own way to get to people.

Last year elections, we could noticed how Peña Nieto’s (right party) campaign had a bigger coverage and Andres López Obrador (left party) had less TV time and spots, so he used the social networks to make his campaign be noticed. Obrador, could make a big impact to the population, he was really close to win, but there where “technical problems” with the polls that ended up giving the presidency to Nieto. During this election process, political participation by society arose in an exponential way. Movements in favor of Obrador and against Peña were happening in many regions of the Republic. By now, I can say passion was just a bit to make “democracy” happen.

Having this as an example, elite groups support the right wing and most population aspire for the left wing party, but through México’s story you can know how it has been always a “One Party Government” in a sort way of speaking.

So, about the side we take toward USA political parties, is that democrats are way more supported, specially cause of the migration policies they propose and benefit us.
People will always support their personal interest, and Mexico’s personal interest is to take care for our mexicans brothers.

Personal opinion: What we know about Republican party as in a general way is that they dislike mexican migration (which I know is huge), don’t accept gay marriage, that they are too conservative, support free gun trading and are made seen as close minded.

Democrats are seen as allies for the proper reforms for mexican migration, they tend to look for the common wealth of their population (USA is known for giving the same conditions for people to have the same opportunities, even though some individuality is sacrifice; making reference to Tocqueville point of view) and are seem to be the open minded and human rights watchers.

// 04/11/2013 at 2:03 pm