The Influence of USA in Mexico

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Internet, medias, communications, and many other ways to unify people, its a new and powerful weapon to the people. But this works in both ways since the power may also come to the govermente as well. The Ocuupy Wall Street movemet its a perfect example of the power of the technologies and communications on this days, the way in which the  author of the Rolling Stone magazine, describes how the progression of the number of people goes up, its just a perfect description of the power of communications. It doest matter if the information its about culture, religion, politics or any other topic, the information can flow and take down any boarder. How I said, this its a powerful weapon for politics as well since they can spread their ideas in a most effective way, last years elections in Mexico are a perfect example on the way that politicas parties enjoy and also suffer because of communications. It was easier for the to spread their ideas and get into another type  of voting people like the youth in Mexico as a perfect example, the college students or any other degree with the age to vote, all of this young population was of great importance during the elections, more as in any other elections. One of the negative way in which political parties suffer in Mexico was because of the egative propaganda civilians made to each of the parties, expressing their own political ideas or their opinions of the candidates, the best example of this kind of negatives against the political parties was the movemente “Yo soy 132″ which gain a really great reputation all around the country and also in many others.

In the topic about the influence of USA over Mexico, well its really simple im looking at my television and all I can see its Movies, Series, Products, and many other things from the United States, and actually its great, we all love the United States merchandise , but theres the problem with our identity, our traditions and our culture its chaging with every generation, even the way in which we talk or the stores we buy in. Of course im talking from a city which its really near one of the boarders with USA but the influence its running all over the country. The USA influence in Mexico its good because is show us the gratnees of that nation and the culture on the neighboor country but its also really dangerous to our traditions and identity.

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Celia said...

Do you think there are any ways that Mexican culture has influenced the US? Can any of these changes be traced back through digital culture or networks?

// 04/07/2013 at 2:15 pm