The influence of USA and internet in Mexican Culture

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María Minero



The influence of a country and internet in Mexican Culture

The influence that internet has had in numerous movements such as Occupy Wall Street in U.S.A has changed the way people organize. Internet offers the opportunity to interact with others, no matter the place they are. The new social networks that emerged from internet have become an important tool that helped the Occupy Wall Street movement to expand and invite others to join them, as an example is the hashtag in twitter #ocuppywallstreet, they could get noticed, then many people like students, intellectuals and workers went out to the principal avenue of New York, with the slogan that describes what the movement wanted: “Democracy not corporatrocacy”.

The movements of the Arab Spring are other examples of the influence that internet plays in organizing these people that want a change in their countries; the Arabian people did not want a totalitarian government anymore. In Mexico emerged the movement #YoSoy132 before the presidential elections of 2012, it started  at the Universidad Iberoamericana located in Mexico City, after the candidate Enrique Peña Nieto gave a speech there. The movement was organized by students; they did not want the return of the party that for around six decades ruled the country, also the candidate Peña Nieto had a questionable background. After all they did not achieve their objectives, Peña Nieto was elected president. But one thing that is important is that the movement changed the perspective of many people that use internet and pressured the actual president to do his job in a different way, the results would be shown during his period of governance. The movement was influenced by the others that took place in countries like USA or Spain.

Influence of USA in Mexican culture

USA is a neighbor country of Mexico also USA is one of the major world powers, that is why it has an influence in Mexico. As an examples:  here in Mexico we can find many stores from USA, moreover most of the people prefer to consume brands that are made in United States, before consuming products that are made in their own country. As the society is becoming more and more global each day because of new technologies of information, they also contributes to be influenced other cultures, and of course the more powerful a country is, the more influence it would play. Internet also influenced in the lifestyle of other countries, because it gives you the opportunity to interact with numerous cultures in a simply way.

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Jorien said...

How did the YoSoy132 spread? was it solely through Twitter, or also other social media? Interesting to read that now with the Internet movements in other countries have such an influence on other protests. Do you think because of the influence of the USA, the youth culture in Mexico is changing?

// 04/04/2013 at 11:12 am

Vicky said...

Have you seen any other examples of social movements online in Mexico besides #YoSoy132? President Nieto was still elected despite the Yo Soy 132 movement, so do you see it as a failure? Do you think that social movements on the internet are effective?

// 04/04/2013 at 12:13 pm

Tec de Monterrey said...

personally i dont think the movement of Yo SOY 132 was a failure because it helps all the people of mexico to see more about our real problems , the fact that the media helps to spread it out it was good but the only problem about the media was that the media only show what they wanted not all of it .. even the social networks helps a lot to provide information about the elections and about what it really means the movement of Yo soy 132 .. and other social movements you could said the MORENA movements .. it was just for follow an especific person in that case was Lopez Obrador.

// 04/04/2013 at 5:52 pm

Tec de Monterrey said...

Hi, Vicky!
I think even though, the presidente Peña Nieto was elected. The movemetn was not a failure, because the movement emerged in Mexico City and then expanded to other states. Many people changed its perspective about politics terms. Unfotunately, in México the percentage of people that can access to internet is still low, I think this is one reason why the movement could not turned bigger. One thing that is important to say is that the movement #YoSoy132 gave information about Peña Nieto, that traditional media did not present. I think that in some way this kind of movements are effective, but their weakness is that these movements are not very well organized, they have the capacity to involved many people, but they still need more organization. They really do not have a hierachical organization, because of this, it turns more difficult to specify its goals.

// 04/10/2013 at 2:39 am

Tec de Monterrey said...

Hi Jorien
The movement could expand because of the students from the Universidad Iberoamericana, they showed a video about what happened when the candidate was at their University. The advisors of Peña Nieto said that the students who where in the manifestation were not real students, they said that those people were brought to the University by the opponents of Peña, they said they were a kind of impostors, but of course it was lie. That is why the students uploaded a video in YouTube in which they showed their student ID, they were 131 students, then the video diffused through the social networks. And the hashtag #YoSoy132 appeared in twitter as a kind of solidarity. Then they took the streets and before the presidential elections were played, in many other states of Mexico, appeared movements with the same name and they defend the same cuase.
I think in many ways USA influence the youth culture, one example is the kind of music or movies they prefer and the brands of clothes they consume. Also the global and the development of new information technologies make the youth adopt aspects from other cultures.

// 04/10/2013 at 3:02 am

Jorien said...

Thanks for your answer!
Youtube is a powerful tool to spread ideas, in just a short time the number of people watching it increases immensly. It was a smart way from the students to show that they were real students and get support from more people. how did the university itself respond to it, do you know? Also, I think you’re right that youth cultures nowadays are influenced by the US. Not only in what shows they watch or music they listen to, but also the way they change the language and maybe add several english words. The time that is spent online by the youth has increased a lot and younger people are using the Internet, I think that is also an important part of why the youth culture changes. They have access to it in an earlier stage in their lives than when Internet just came out and became popular.

// 04/11/2013 at 12:07 am

Vicky said...

Thank you so much for your comments. I definitely agree that movements such as the Yo Soy Movement face difficulties because of the infrastructure of Mexico – no everyone has access to computers or internet. Hopefully that will change in the upcoming years. I do agree that even a few people getting involved in the movement is important because it shows progress. Like you said the movement exposed truths about Nieto that the mexican media would have otherwise kept hidden.

The Morena movement is also interesting! Most of what I can find online about it is were protests, so I think that they could have used digital technology and the internet to further their movement. Do you think that the Morena movement used digital technology and the internet to their advantage?

// 04/11/2013 at 11:26 am