American Influence on México has a lot of impact in northern cities

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México is known for its rich culture, delicious food, and mariachi. Besides the strong roots that México has, the influence of other countries is always there, starting with the Spanish colonization that is notable in many ways, on the past decades with the improvement of transportation and communication México and united States have become closer. Thousands of Mexicans from all over the country immigrate to the states every year to get a better job and a better life quality. The perfect example of the fusion of culture is California; the first thing you see as you cross the border is Mexican people working in different places. It is really interesting to see this because sometimes you speak to them in Spanish and they answer you in English; normally you think that if they are from México they should know Spanish but because they are born and raised in the US a lot of them only speak English, and understand basic Spanish. Also, cultural blend stands out amongst many other ethnic groups living in the USA. The United States is a country of many cultures, which through immigrants had an influence on the unique combination that America is today. And that unique culture flows into our country and affects the lifestyles, eating habits, clothing, politics, and music of México. It is very interesting that on México the location of the city it has a lot to do with the culture and the American influence. The cities that are closer to the border usually use English words on the Spanish language, or some of them speak “pocho” that is a way of speaking that combines almost equally both languages. It is impressive the impact that living near the frontier has on the Mexican society. As soon as fast food restaurants started growing in México they became very popular; in my opinion Mexican are fascinated with the American culture and sometimes we do stuff, or buy thing that has all the roots in American culture and we don’t even realize it.

Mónica Tarriba

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Celia said...

Your post talks a lot about assimilation into American culture once Mexicans immigrate to the US. Do you think this shift to embracing the American culture such as language and foods, represents a loss of Mexican culture? Do you think the immigrants that assimilate are sacrificing part of their cultural heritage? What sort of cultural objects do immigrants usually keep with them?

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