Occupy Together, Globally.

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The Occupy Wall Street Movement spread quickly within the United Stated through the use of social media, such as Twitter and Facebook. Another way of portraying their message on the web was by utilizing videos that depicted the protests at that particular moment. The movement spread globally, all supporting the idea that there should be a change for the 99% against the 1% of the people.

Inspired by the Arab Spring, the protesters used Twitter to get their word out. Since all of it was online, more countries became aware of the tweets and YouTube videos.  Since there was no real leadership in the movements and the requests remained ambiguous, did the movements differ from each other? What is visible in the different protests around the world is that most of them take on the same form. Large demonstrations in which people were holding signs in important public spaces of the city. Mainly nonviolent protests by occupying the squares, but there were a few exceptions; such as protests in Rome and different violent arrests by the police. 

By spreading videos of ongoing protests, people could feel some of the same emotions as by the Occupy Wall Street and became inspired.  The Australian Alex Gard said that he felt empowered by seeing the videos, it made people feel united in the group even though the movement was not organized in a central way. The movement then spread further via Facebook; local groups formulated protest pages that got several followers. The largest pages were in Spain and Italy where the economic crisis hit.

In order for the people to be aware of the public meetings and general assemblies they could follow the different facebook pages, however another option was the local websites:,, or  On these websites it explains all the ideals and where the next protests take place. Even though the movement does not convey a clear objective, it seems like it spread globally and made people motivate to stand behind these.

Do you think the lack leadership and the somewhat indefinite ideals made the movement less credible?  Or the fact that it spread globally, does that prove that the movement worked or did the protests only occur once?

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Andrew said...

Your post reminded me of a lot of the Civil Rights Movement protests that I’m reading about in my State and Society class. While Martin luther King Jr. urged African Americans to protest peacefully and quietly, he was actually hoping for police brutality to take place at many of the rallies. This wasn’t because he wanted to start a fight. Rather, he was hoping that the police brutality would be photographed and recorded on video and spread around news organizations in the North, thus gathering more support for their cause. The sights and sounds of young students being beaten and attacked by police dogs did a ton of damage to the segregationists’ arguments and did wonders to gather support for the movement.

Now think about the woman who was pepper-sprayed by the cop at the Occupy Wall Street movement. While she wasn’t “secretly” there to get maced int he face, the fact that it happened and was recorded threw the OWS movement into the public spotlight and highlighted the conditions that protesters were dealing with in NYC. I think that a combination of social media and the extremely accessible cameras and recording equipment helped the Occupy Wall Street movement pick up followers from around the world. We, as humans, react differently when watching video compared to reading simple news headlines. We’re drawn towards conflict and are intrigued, and often bothered, by some of the the things that OWS protesters were going through.

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Tec de Monterrey said...

Social media for the spread of this movement was the key, since achieving worldwide to expand the idea of a change and this started fact with a lot of people identifying and feeling the courage to raise their voice and take actions to do change in their countries. The showed disadvantages in this movement was that never existed a plan how they have to work together and make that ideas were transmitted to the powerful men, but it was the beginning of something big and now with more people added to this movement, it might generate protests and can take more shape and carried to the government. This movement helps because attracts the attention of people who focus on this topics so now the movement can get much more strength and success. Also I believe that the government is considering that people are more awake and everyday they will demand more and more information and justice and the government will have to answer to that protests.

These facts remember me the Independence of Mexico, a movement that started like Occupy Wall Street but the differences was that in these moment did not exist social networks, but there was the idea of change. However, the determination, decision, courage, bravery of one person made possible that in Mexico and this as well made that all of us can celebrated 200 years of Independence. Many times we not believe in these movements and how they are taken out but to do and impact a difference, so the results are good enough for future generations although at the time have blood spilled. This fact (blood spilled) can change now that is more ways to do carry out an objective. (Laws and rights)

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