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Apple has changed the way we travel by the introduction of the Maps app. In the past we have been so accustomed tracing our travel routes through the use of paper maps and road signs. Getting were your going on the fastest route possible is what we all want, but there is a variety of way to get you there. For some the mounted dashboard directional is the way to go, but word on the internet is that the sale of these devices is on the slide. But times have changed and now we have access to a GPS by just reaching in our pockets. This app have turn-by-turn voice navigation and will nag you with new direction if you make a wrong turn or try to go off course.

iOS 6 Maps app:

Smart phones now make all other routing methods seem outdated and almost ineffective. This app not only gives step by step voice navigation but recognizes traffic and locates recreational services. This has changed the game. Traveling has never been made easier. Apple has 25% market share of smartphones in the United States. Since there are about 72.5 million smartphone owners, that comes out to about 18.5 million iPhones in the US. As this number continues to grow, the market for navigation tools is steadily declining.

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Patrick said...

Apple maps first release had some major bug problems. So much so that a letter from Tim Cook was released on the apple web site apologizing for the app. Found here
I am interested to see how apple deals with this and improves the map app.

// 02/11/2013 at 8:50 pm

Celia said...

I agree with Patrick, I think that Apple’s map app had some serious flaws. Having just returned from Australia, I notice dramatic differences between the service in the two countries. In Australia, almost all of the directions are flawed. Multiple times I ended up a full kilometer away from my intended destination. There is also no turn-by-turn option. I was extremely disappointed after the IOS 6 update. Back in the US, I see huge progress in the Apple Maps app. I still use the Google app occasionally because it has a better search platform for locating stores or restaurants in the area. Apple tends to work better with just a plain address. The big question is about whether it is worth Apple’s money to try and become the same huge geographic power that Google has become. I would argue that Google already has Google Earth, street view, satellite view, and many other capabilities that Apple should just leave this to Google.

// 02/11/2013 at 9:58 pm