3 seconds and it is gone..

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A new app that became popular is Snapchat. After Instagram and Pinterest, it is another photosharing medium. However, it is different. This app lets people send photos to each other via their phone, which they can only view for a few seconds. After this time the photo will be deleted. It is for some people a comforting thought that their photos will not go around the Net as most of the photos nowadays. Every picture that is uploaded on a website can be traced back or found on Google. This might trigger some uncomfortable thoughts, because imagine that people in Europe would even find a picture of you and use it for an ad campaign without you even knowing it.  Or even scarier, for a new identity.. 

It is a strange idea that all pictures from your Facebook or Flickr account are online, which means that even though you have the privacy settings on, there can be a way to access these files. This is something you have to keep in mind, especially when future employers may look you up to see what kind of person you are.  Snapchat seems like a nice alternative in order for you to share pictures with friends of what you’re doing at the moment or other memorable moments without the risk of them going public.

A negative side of the new app was the idea that it was going to be an app for sending R-rated pictures to each other, however the founders Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy described is as ‘a digital version of passing notes in class.‘  Because it only lasts a few sconds, users tend to send ‘weird’ or ‘funny’ pictures since it will delete itself after a few seconds. Other than on Facebook, where most people carefully pick out their best pictures.

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Celia said...

Did any articles you read comment on the fact that you can take a screenshot of an image if it is set for long enough that the user has time? I think that is an interesting feature of the app, given the premise…Also, is there any information on if SnapChat has access to other people’s past photos?

// 02/10/2013 at 9:27 pm

Jorien said...

I did find an article saying that it was possible to take screenshots from the photo, and that it will notify the other person when you did. Additionally I found an article that there is a way to ‘hack’ the app so that the person will not be notified whenever you screenshot the picture.. that is indeed an interesting part of this app, and that will raise more questions about whether the ‘erasable’ part that makes it attractive will be so ‘erasable’
see: link

// 02/11/2013 at 2:02 pm