The Spread of Knowledge or Opinion?

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Since its birth, the power of the internet was derived from its ability to spread information. From the Whole Earth Catalog to Wiki Leaks, despite form, information is dispersed to all those with access. This past week, social-media networks experienced something else, the spread of opinions. After the Invisibile Children campaign against Kony: KONY 2012 erupted all over Facebook, among other sites, individuals quickly adopted opinions. I am not here to favor one opinion over another, I am just making observations.

In my opinion, the virtual campaign exploded so quickly that many individuals posting about and “supporting” the KONY 2012 campaign did not even have enough time to fully research what they were supporting. This would seem to suggest that as a result of a lack of complete information (the complete picture), individuals were rather quick to “choose” sides.

Awareness is a wonderful thing. However, I am less comfortable with activism that occurs because its “social” or “cool” to support a cause. What is happening in Uganda is not just. However, activism isn’t solely about following the crowd. Real activism creates change not only through awareness, but also of knowledge. I hope individuals choose to become more knowledgeable of the causes they support. Even when they are worthwhile.

Here’s the KONY 2012 video if you haven’t gotten a change to check it out!



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Kelsey said...

I certainly hope the people who repost the Kony video aren’t just joining a fad but feel like this man should be stopped and that maybe that one post does something. I look forward to April 20th and hope that it makes people even more aware of what Kony is doing.

// 03/14/2012 at 12:35 am

Natalie said...

One thing that I find interesting about this activism is the amount of reliance that the organization has celebrity support. Part of Invisible Children’s goal is to make Kony famous in order to raise awareness. To do this they are asking for various celebrities to endorse their cause or release a video of support. This draws more support for the cause and helps us to relate to the issue; however, I have found it disappointing to see that it takes a celebrity’s endorsement for us to find interest in a cause.

// 03/14/2012 at 12:40 am