Hacking All Devices– Even Your Pace Maker

// Posted by on 03/03/2012 (12:39 PM)

While we hear about groups such as Anonymous hacking into Bank of America, Visa, MasterCard, and Pay Pal most people do not realize that anything with networking capabilities can be hacked. In his TEDtalk, Avi Rubin explains that just about any device can be hacked. This includes your heart’s pacemaker, your car, and your cell phone. He explains how people can change the name associated to your pacemaker and even changed its rhythmic pattern. It’s even possible for someone to steal your car without ever tampering with the anti-theft capabilities!

I think it is interesting that while people are often making grand attacks on larger entities–i.e. Stuxnet on Iran, people are not prone to making personal attacks on individuals. People are more comfortable doing harm to a large bodies of people, but when it comes to putting a face to that damage human compassion is likely to exhibit. I think human’s relationship with the capabilities of technology can tell us a lot of about human mind and how it interacts with emotion.

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Molly said...

I watched this TEDtalk and I was really surprised to learn how many things can be hacked. I never realized that because my iPhone is connected to the Internet and my contacts and calendar are backed up onto my Gmail account, someone could hack into my phone and essentially access my entire life through it. Our generation is all about being anonymous online, speaking our minds, and doing so through various technologies. I think if we weren’t so busy with school, work and our daily lives, we would realize that the level of privacy we assume we have when it comes to our personal devices, is really not as secure as we think it is.

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