A Citizen’s War

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In America there is a legal system in place to mediate disputes among people or groups of people. Lawsuits are declared by those who are unsettled and decisions are made by a judge and jury. While it certainly can be more complicated than that simple depiction, that is the basis of civilized decision making. However, external disputes between the United State of American and other countries do not have the same clean cut system of law. In some sense the United Nations tries to be that greater entity but it does not have the same effort. Therefore, countries go to war. As it is is depicted in the documentary Why We Fight, the executive government has complete control over what types of attacks are made on whom. The American people has given the executive government complete trust in its ability to take the right military action. However, we can not always clearly define the purpose of out military efforts.

After researching Stuxnet, it is evident that the hacking culture has the potential to become militaristic. Most nations are connected to one another via the internet. Therefore, as Stuxnett proved, it is easy for a virus to travel around the globe. A cyber attack can be more than bringing an irritating message to your computer, but it can interfere with the internal workings of a grander network–like that of the Iranian centrifuges.

This begs the question–who will regulate the future of war? Will the United States be responsible for attending to all potentially harmful hacks. One day will the four men who discovered Stuxnet be required to share their knowledge with the government? Or is the future of war truly in the people’s hands? Will cyber wars truly be fought among citizens of nations? What do you see for the future?

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Kelsey said...

You bring up some interesting questions and if warfare becomes something done over the internet then I hope the UN would be in charge of policing it. I feel like the last thing this country needs is one more way to be in everyone’s business. And I thought Stuxnet was moved from computer to computer via flashdrive? I know that’s how it was initially introduced into the system but details are fuzzy beyond that.

// 02/29/2012 at 12:34 am

Ali S said...

I think its uncertain. I agree with Kelsey Stuxnet wasn’t an online attack rather an implanted virus through flash drive. But still what people are doing with hacking is amazing. I think it is necessary for governments to protect themselves against attacks but still maintain the freedom for its citizens. You cant police the internet its kind of impossible, but i don’t think its going to stop governments from attempting to do so.

// 02/29/2012 at 9:19 pm