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Space and Place

Daniel S. Margolies


This project investigates how the myriad discourses of migration and globalization have become manifest graphically across social spaces and street graphics in the contemporary American South. In explosions of color and juxtaposition, this digital collection documents some of the significant ways the large and unprecedented Latino migration to the South has transformed and shaped visual spaces and street graphics in this new borderland of cultures.

It is a well established axiom of cultural geography that ordinary landscapes have cultural meaning, and globalization and transnational studies continue to uncover new hybrid cultures and ways of being in the world within these scapes. Using selected urban and rural areas of North Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee as case studies, this project explores the Latino transformation of visual spaces in the South and present the emergence of a new cultural geography in the region.

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Photo Gallery

Collinsville Taqueria


These photographs were taken with the support of a Maurice L. Mednick Memorial Fellowship from the Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges and Virginia Wesleyan College.

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